Magento Page Builder – Now available in Open Source

Page Builder, which was exclusively available on Magento Commerce is now available on Open Source and it gives store owners the ability to enhance their websites and drive user engagement.

It includes a number of intuitive features that provide higher quality visual designs as well as save you time on creating fully custom pages.

This post will give an overview of what Magento Page Builder is, how it works and some tips on when to use it.

What is Magento Page Builder?

Magento Page Builder was added to Open Source as part of the Magento 2.4.3 release.

Rather than relying on coding knowledge, page builders provide a visual and simple way of creating pages.

These pages are made up of elements such as products, media, text and buttons, which you can put together using a simple drag and drop interface.

So… Why do you need Magento’s Page Builder?

  • Being able to deliver a visually engaging experience for customers is crucial in order to stand out and deliver a user experience that is more inviting than your competition
  • It is vital for Magento store owners to deliver a website experience that encourages loyalty, conversions and sales
  • The new Page Builder interface in Magento is a fast and intuitive way to build product, category, and full content pages
  • It provides more design freedom than the WYSIWYG editor, widget and block structure that was a part of Magento’s original backend because of its functionality that makes editing content a lot easier and quicker

Page builders are amazing tools for people who don’t have extensive technical knowledge. It gives both novices and experienced website designers a much more user-friendly way of putting together pages. 

As an example, WordPress page builders like Elementor and Oxygen are hugely popular because of how simple they are to use.

Magento Page Builder specifically makes for a much more flexible solution to page building. This ultimately provides more design freedom and the ability to generate bespoke pages in Magento far easier.

Magento Page Builder

2. Magento Page Builder Open Source key features

Page Builder gives the freedom to arrange content types as you wish.

The functionality that comes with Page Builder makes it much easier for site owners to navigate their page design.

This helps create a customer-friendly design, allowing you to add things like images text, media and buttons that will ultimately benefit their user experience.

2.1. Drag And Drop Page Builder

The drag and drop feature enables you to physically drag elements like text and buttons onto a page of your website.

This helps in creating well structured and visually engaging designs.

The drag-and-drop interface is perfect for creating a variety of visual elements like headings and buttons. You can also create layouts with rows and columns, as well as one that features text or media content.

Magento Page Builder Menu Nav

2.2. Live Content Previews

Live content previews mean that you can see how your design would look on an active customer-facing page of your website before actually putting the page live.

A feature that was not possible previously on Magento’s editor, means that designers can test and preview designs before going live.

Magento Page Builder Live Content Previews

2.3. Form Editors

The form editor feature enables you to make fully custom form designs. 

Whether you are changing colours, styling or positioning, the form editor allows you to create fully custom submission forms.

This will allow you to make your forms more attractive and incorporate your online store styling, helping your forms stand out and encouraging more customers to use it

Magento Page Builder Form Builder

3. What else is new for Page Builder?

Regarding other new features in Open Source Page Builder, there are a number of additions that you can use on your website.

These include visual enhancements as well as a number of additions that will help encourage sales.

  • Banners – Add offers and sales information to your page to encourage customers to engage with your products
  • Buttons – Add call to actions on your website to allow site visitors to see things like product links, add to cart and checkout buttons on your website
  • Content layout control – This enables you to have control over the layout and structure of your page through content blocks and columns allowing you to structure in an organised way
  • Media – Insert images and embed videos using the drag and drop function
  • Responsive elements – Make your online store fully responsive for users on all devices, including desktop, tablet and mobile
  • Reusable content blocks – Make blocks of content to use across multiple pages of your website. This will allow you to copy elements and use them more than once across other pages to save significant time

4. How Magento Page Builder could enhance your existing platform

If you are interested in finding out more about Magento Page Builder, then please do not hesitate to get in touch with one of our Magento experts who will be more than happy to assist you.

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