Why choose Magento?

Meet the world's most flexible eCommerce platform

The world’s favourite
eCommerce platform

Magento has gone from strength to strength as the world’s favourite eCommerce platform

While there has been significant growth in the popularity of plug and play eCommerce platforms such as Shopify and BigCommerce, Magento remains the clear choice for brand-differentiated serious eCommerce businesses for a multitude of reasons.

Magento is Open Source

The platform itself is free and free from proprietary restrictions meaning, unlike the alternatives, it is highly adaptable.

There is no end to the modifications that can be made to a Magento site to serve the needs of any eCommerce project. There is no single Magento shopping experience, rather a huge number of bespoke, differentiated eCommerce sites each powered by Magento.

Made for eCommerce

Magento is not a one-size fits all website builder. It is a pure eCommerce platform. Rather than shoehorning eCommerce functionality into a standard website, Magento is designed around eCommerce functionality. It exists to facilitate selling online.

For this reason, it provides the optimum experience for shoppers, site admins, marketeers and developers. That is not to say that Magento doesn’t handle other types of content. In fact it does so very elegantly. But Magento’s true power and what sets it apart from other content management systems is that it is built for retail.

Responsive Design
as standard

We live in a mobile first world where websites are most frequently viewed from phones. Magento’s use of HTML5 and plentiful mobile-friendly features such as image scaling and gesture controls ensure Magento sites are perfectly optimised for mobile.

The Magento Community​

Magento’s popularity and open source philosophy means that there is a massive online community of users.

These vary at all levels including website owners, admins and developers, all keen to share their knowledge and collectively find solutions to any difficulties they face. It’s never hard to find the answer to any question. With over 250,000 websites worldwide powered by Magento, someone else is bound to have been there before.

Integrations with
3rd Party Solutions

As an enterprise class eCommerce solution, practically any of your systems can be integrated with Magento. ERP systems, payment gateways and finance solutions are just some of the tools you may wish to integrate with your Magento install and all are possible with the help of extensible API.

Extensive customisation
and Magento Extensions

Magento has the flexibility to be adapted to your users needs as you perceive them. No two Magento websites need be alike. Your Magento store can be transformed by editing layouts and templates to look and feel exactly how you want it to.

Furthermore, there is an extensive marketplace of extensions and modules, which can be added to your site to improve any aspect of appearance and functionality This level of customisation is simply not available with other eCommerce platforms.

Fast & Scalable

Site speed is very much of the essence when it comes to user experience and search engine rankings. Magento is firmly ahead of the crowd here. Through its incorporation of the latest web caching technologies, Magento boasts stand-out page load times on mobile and desktop. With the right hosting, your Magento site need never suffer the speed issues that dog other platforms.

Magento’s scalability is another key factor in making it the choice of eCommerce stores of all sizes. As your business grows, Magento can scale to meet your growing needs, adapting with your business.

Multiple Stores

Magento offers the possibility of managing multiple stores from a single backend interface. This empowers site owners to manage inventory, billing, customer information and orders through a single admin panel as well as roll out changes across multiple domains as required.

Built for international growth

Magento is international eCommerce ready. Its handling of multiple currencies, international shipping, multiple stock locations and languages make it easy for your business to sell globally.

Expert Magento
Certified Developers

magic42’s Magento certified development team will get your systems talking to each other and Magento neatly integrated into your wider business.

From advice on the best Magento & Magento 2 extensions to migrating your data or bespoke development, we’ll work with you to find the best solution for your unique business.

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