Magento security

Exceptional security to keep your business and customer data safe

Magento security approach

Minimise risks from SQL injection, denial of service, cross site scripting and internal threats

Exceptional security

Magento offers exceptional security to enable online retailers meet their obligations to customers to keep their data safe. However, site security relies on a proactive approach to emerging threats.

The size of the Magento community makes it easier for site owners to collectively benefit from security fixes to minimise risks from SQL injection, denial of service, cross site scripting and internal threats.

The cost of not having a proactive Magento security approach

Business reputation is at stake for retailers who do not prioritise security.

The very real risks of fines for data breaches are ever-growing with the introduction of new legislation such as GDPR. Combined with the fallout of any data breach where forensic teams may need to be engaged to identify the cause and scale before taking robust measures to eradicate the risk, the cost of security lapses becomes a serious business risk.

Our experience of helping businesses address security breaches bears this out. There is simply no underestimating the value of being proactive.

Our Magento Security Services

Our professional approach to Magento Security helps businesses be proactive. One of our Magento Solution Specialists ensures best practice and our team of experienced technical developers carry out the work required to secure any site. Our standardised, automated approach to hosting ensures manual configuration errors are avoided and we respond rapidly to new security releases for the clients whose sites we host across servers, extensions and the Magento instance itself.

Our Magento security audit

We can perform a security audit of your Magento site, highlighting vulnerabilities

Security Audit

If you have concerns, we can perform a security audit of your Magento site, highlighting any vulnerabilities and defining critical tasks that your developer should set up for you including SSL, changing the url for your admin panel login from the default, application of all security updates right up to the latest release and the Magento security Scanning tool.

I'm interested in:

• Magento's security scanning tool

• Knowing if my Magento site is secure

• An assessment of the quality of code

• Secure and reliable hosting

• Additional security infrastructure

• Rescuing a compromised site

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