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We offer honest, transparent advice helping you to improve your visibility in search engines. In a world where everyone’s an SEO expert, we will share proven, practical, actionable tips to get the correct pages indexed and ranking well in major search engines. From server log analysis through to click enhancing copywriting, our Magento SEO experts are ready to boost your site’s traffic.

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magic42 is unique in that it evolved from Mobile Fun, an award winning online retailer with 17 years' experience, 27 international websites and a global distribution network managed from the heart of Birmingham.

We’ve a huge passion for Magento and intelligent solutions for eCommerce, which we'll share to help you retain your customers, expand your reach and grow your market share.

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Unsure if you’re Magento setup is optimised for traffic? Concerned about your rankings? It’s very common to find an unoptimised Magento setup, given the number of options to choose from. With our Magento SEO audit we can help you identify the opportunities for improvement. 


Take the opportunity to enhance your product data, and ensure a seamless transition for your customers bringing across their order history and logins.


Magic42 were fantastic from start to finish during a challenging migration project, not only from Magento 1 to Magento 2 but also moving to a brand new template and URL structure. The Technical Audit piece they provided was imperative in helping us get to the bottom of a few fundamental issues around crawlability and canonicalisation. We would definitely work with Magic42 again and wouldn’t hesitate to provide them to friends and family.​

 – Nathan Thompson (Head of Marketing & Growth) – Read full case study

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