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Fast, secure and reliable hosting for Magento Open Source or Commerce websites

20+ Years Experience

As a UK based Magento agency, with over 20 years experience in infrastructure management - we have the knowledge and technical expertise to ensure your website is fast, secure and reliable.​

As Magento infrastructure specialists and our unique background as a worldwide retailer, we have managed hosting for global eCommerce websites for extensive international customer reach.​

Expert Magento
Certified Developers

magic42’s Magento certified development team will get your systems talking to each other and Magento neatly integrated into your wider business.

From advice on the best Magento & Magento 2 extensions to migrating your data or bespoke development, we’ll work with you to find the best solution for your unique business.

Dependable & Scalable Technology

Delivering customers a super-fast browsing experience, handling traffic spikes with ease with an infrastructure that adapts to your needs.

99.9% uptime guaranteed

With our 99.9% uptime guarantee, you can be sure your customers can reach your website all day and night long.

Proactive management and reporting

Careful monitoring of server status and online activities to ensure reliability, with security and performance scanning tools.

Daily backups

Peace of mind with daily backups to ensure your Magento content and records are always safe and restorable should you encounter any problems.

Optimised for Magento

Whether it is PHP, Redis, MySQL, Varnish or security considerations – our technology stack is optimised for the very best Magento experience.

Magento Security

Allow us to take the strain away from Magento hosting, leaving you free to focus on your business.

SSL certificates by LetsEncrypt

Trusted SSL certificates with LetsEncrypt ensures automatic renewals with no annual fees for complete peace of mind. HTTPS encryption with the visible padlock increases confidence for your site visitors and search engines won’t penalise your rankings.

Server security patch management

With our secure UK based Magento hosting and patch management tools, you can be sure your Magento infrastructure is protected from the latest vulnerabilities through our standardised, centrally controlled configuration.

Managed Hosting

Allow us to take the strain away from Magento hosting, leaving you free to focus on your business.

We ensure your infrastructure is fit for purpose: to grow as your site grows.

Iterative Growth Plans

From our own rich heritage of worldwide retail experience, we recognise that online sales success evolves and is ever changing, therefore the platform we build is with a focus on not just today, but also for the future.

Our team of certified Magento Solution Specialists help businesses harness the power of Magento, engaging our knowledge of the platform and involvement in the Magento community to find and develop innovative solutions to ever-evolving retail demands.

Managed Hosting

Allow us to take the strain away from Magento hosting, leaving you free to focus on your business.

Entry Level

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Up to 1000 orders a month

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Enterprise ready​

Included for free:


Bespoke solutions available

Bespoke solutions available for higher traffic

Optional Extras

Allow us to take the strain away from Magento hosting, leaving you free to focus on your business.

Hourly backups

Backups on the hour, every hour where high volumes of content is created.

Global CDN

Optimised delivery of website content based on your customer’s location, ensuring the fastest available performance.

Varnish caching layer

Sitewide page caching building upon the basic built-in caching that Magento provides, Varnish accelerates the delivery time of content and greatly reduces load on the server.

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