Studiospares was a family business founded in 1983 by Barry Lambden. As one of the leading brands in home recording and studio equipment, Studiospares approached magic42 to help them to migrate from their old platform onto Magento 2.

Home Studio & Recording Equipment

magic42 were approached to bring their eCommerce platform onto Magento 2. For Studiospares, this was moving their operations from a bespoke platform to a powerful, flexible eCommerce platform with massive community support.

Our Magento Development Team worked closely with Studiospares to design a new-look site, whilst handling the migration of years of customer, product and sales data over to Magento 2, to ensure a seamless transition for visitors to the brand new site.

Studio Spares Case Study Screenshots

Highlighted Features

Throughout the development of the website there were a number of specific features built to help improve the overall customer experience, these are some of the highlights:

Bespoke Video Integration

Bespoke Video Integration

Whilst Magento is capable of presenting videos from a single YouTube account, Studiospares needed to be able to conveniently show videos from various providers, as well as their own channel.

magic42 built a custom YouTube integration to handle this, which has just been updated to be considerably more lightweight, resulting in better pagespeed and Google ratings.

Advanced Search Engine Customisations

Advanced Search Engine Customisations

magic42 partnered with Doofinder to enhance the Studiospares search experience, enabling users of the site to quickly narrow down their choices through the built-in search filters. magic42 customised the search tool to better present the product data and to increase engagement and click throughs.

Custom Cross Sells Solutions

Custom Cross Sells Solution

We included an industry-leading ajax add-to-cart solution in the build plan, but also understood that Studiospares needed more than anyone individual extension was going to be able to offer. This extension has been heavily customised to allow it to display more cross-sells at once, and it allows users to add multiple items to the basket at once, driving up the average order value through add-ons and impulse buys.

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