Berry Flirt

Berry Flirt is a fresh face in the instant smoothie market, putting healthy, transparent ingredients at the forefront of their product. Berry Flirt approached magic42 to bring their brand to life and to launch their product using Shopify.

Healthy & Organic Smoothie Producers

Working with Berry Flirt, magic42 were tasked with bringing their Shopify website design vision to reality. From complex bundle structures to individual flavour pages, Berry Flirt had specific functionality requirements to pair with a bold and bright branding palette. With research and recommendations from magic42, what resulted was a visually stunning site with intricate and custom functionality designed around customer ease of use. 

Berry Flirt Desktop Image

A Vibrant, Colourful Look

As mobile traffic continues to grow globally it was vital for each of Berry Flirt’s pages to be optimised for any device. Our Shopify development team made it clear that existing features should be enhanced for a great mobile or tablet experience. Key features such as their bespoke bundle builder work excellently on mobile and enables mobile users to easily create made-to-order packages.

Berry Flirt Mobile Images

Highlighted Features

Throughout the development of the website there were a number of specific features built to help improve the overall customer experience, these are some of the highlights:

Berry Flirt Stop Animation

Stop motion and videos

The magic42 team hand-picked a cluster of visual themes that would best suit Berry Flirt’s brand identity and product. Once selected, the recommended theme was perfect for stop motion imagery and video shots. This created engaging visuals across the site, positively impacting the user experience and conversion rates.

Berry Flirt pre sign up landing page

Pre-launch sign up page

We also helped put together a pre-launch strategy that involved generating some interest around the brand. We helped in creating a landing page that encouraged user sign-ups, incentivising new customers with exclusive introductory offers.

Bundle builder

With complex products comes new functionality and app integrations – which is exactly what Berry Flirt needed for their custom bundles. With their requirements, magic42 were able to recommend and assist in the setup and configuration of a bundle builder. The builder was selected with ease of use and visual appeal in mind, allowing users to customise their own bundle and interact with the products.

Berry Flirt Flavours Page

Tailored flavour pages

After discussing Berry Flirt’s requirements, the magic42 team generated a new theme page template specifically designed for the flavour pages. With this, each flavour could have its own individual page – providing a more in-depth and thorough exploration through the sachet flavours for users.

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