Magento SAP B1 Integration

Streamline your eCommerce Operations with a Magento SAP B1 integration

Ready to integrate with SAP Business One

Streamline your eCommerce Operations with a Magento SAP B1 integration

SAP B1 Integration with Magento

Globally, over 40,000 small to medium sized businesses use SAP Business One as their primary ERP solution. In turn, Magento is the world’s most popular eCommerce platform.

Integrations of SAP Business 1 with Magento Open Source are rightly in demand as eCommerce businesses look to streamline operations, reduce manual work and increase accuracy. Our team of Magento Solution Specialists and Magento developers help online businesses with custom integrations that save on costly activities and offer customers joined up purchasing experiences.

Magento has an open architecture ready for integration with SAP B1

One of the great advantages of Magento is its open source nature, which allows our developers to seamlessly integrate Sap Business One, typically allowing: 

  • Synchronisation of customer price lists
  • Synchronisation of stock levels
  • Synchronisation of product data such as descriptions & attributes
  • Download of orders from Magento to Sap Business One
  • Updating of orders status once the items are shipped
  • Synchronisation of customer data
  • Import of shipping tracking numbers from SAP B1 to Magento

Magic42 count on 18 years of eCommerce experience, during which time we have refined our professional approach to Magento development and project management of Magento integrations. SAP B1 is just one of the many ERP systems we have successfully integrated with Magento.

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