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magic42 is a Shopify web design agency that is dedicated to providing its clients with powerful and high converting online stores.

Looking For A Shopify Web Designer in Birmingham?

Shopify is the perfect solution for any entrepreneur looking to establish themselves in a competitive market. The platform currently powers half a million sites and is a great solution for any online seller.
If you have a Shopify store or are looking at getting one set up, then our web design team will certainly be able to give you some guidance.

Expert Shopify Developers

Our Shopify developers are vastly experienced and are fantastic at what they do. We have built hundreds of high converting Shopify stores for our clients. 
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We Are Shopify Experts

We understand what is needed in the design of a successful Shopify store. Capturing your audience at as many stages of the buying process is key to your design becoming a revenue-generating machine for your business. 

Building eCommerce Brands

Your website is designed to represent your brand. We know what is required to build a platform that you and your customers will be able to associate positively with your business. Our Shopify Support team can build a strategy that will maximise the sales generating efficiency of your web store.
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Birmingham based Shopify Agency

magic42 are proud Shopify Website Developers in Science Park, Birmingham, offering a range of services to meet your needs.

With our retail expertise in theme creation and providing marketing. We design, build and grow Ecommerce brands on Shopify websites.

Choose a local Birmingham based Shopify Partner

We love being a part of the Birmingham technology scene.

Whether you are looking for Shopify Ecommerce Solutions or web designers, our Birmingham UK based agency has a solution for you to help your Shopify website stand out from the crowd.

Shopify services

Theme development

Stand out from the crowd with our Shopify theme development expertise. Using the powerful Liquid template language, we will create a unique theme for your website that is attractive, optimises your content and uses best SEO practices.

Shopify Vs Shopify Plus

With our expert knowledge of Shopify Plus Development, we will guide you through the various options and present cost effective recommendations that will match your business needs and longer term growth.

App selection

The Shopify App Store is vast, with over 4000 available. We will take the pain out of this process, selecting the key apps you need, which reflects value for money while providing the most impact for your website.

App development

Regardless of how many apps there are in the App Store, the need for bespoke solutions or enhanced capabilities remains. With our experienced team, experts at Shopify app development – we will build the functionality you need.

Migrate data into Shopify

Moving from Magento, WooCommerce or a bespoke platform? We have the expertise to guide and help you every step of the way – moving from your existing platform to Shopify.

Shopify Integrations

We will guide you through the various Shopify integration options – including payment, marketing, analytics, review management, stock & pricing, orders, customers, workflow automation and more. 

International multi-stores

With our vast knowledge of working with international stores, including our own retail origins with websites all around the world – we will help you expand your business to other countries with our Shopify Multi-Store expertise.

B2B & Trade

Optimise your Shopify store for B2B customers, with carefully crafted tiered pricing structures and targeted wholesale trade prices. We will guide you through the best Shopify B2B practices, to attract large volume orders and incentivise loyalty to your website.

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Contact us if you are looking to:

• Get started on your first eCommerce site

• Migrate to Shopify from another platform

• Integrate Shopify with another system

• Build a Shopify app

• Improve an existing Shopify site

• Get some advice about the best platform for your business

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Shopify is a pay-monthly platform, with a tiered pricing structure varying from $29-$299/month. Each price tier depends on the number of users and additional features, and has its own per-transaction fee. Alternatively, Shopify Plus is available at $2,000/month, which includes 9 additional expansion stores alongside a main store. 

Depending on your package, Shopify has a per-transaction fee. For online credit card transactions, Shopify has a rate of 1.6%-2.2% plus a flat rate of 20p per transaction. For in-person credit card transactions, Shopify has a rate of 1.5-1.7%. For payments processed by other providers (non-Shopify payments), Shopify has a rate of 0.5-2%.

Absolutely – Shopify integrates with a huge variety of systems, including marketing tools (e.g. Hubspot and Mailchimp), accounting systems, inventory management systems and more.  There is a huge marketplace of Apps available for all kinds of integrations.

The pricing for apps varies, with some apps being totally free and others having a monthly cost. A typical app can cost around $29/month, therefore for 5 apps it would work out at roughly $145 a month alongside your main Shopify plan.

Shopify does not host websites, it only hosts stores. Shopify is an eCommerce store platform, not a website hosting service.

When using Shopify, you have full ownership of your store and data – including the domain name. It’s fully possible to migrate pre-existing stores to Shopify, as well as migrate from Shopify to other third-party eCommerce sites should you need to.

Changing agencies with Shopify is much easier than other platforms. Using collaborator permissions, you can give Shopify Partners direct access to your Shopify admin areas. With adjustable collaborator permissions, you can limit the areas they can have access to. Having a Shopify Partner as a collaborator does not count towards your Shopify staff limit.

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